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Overview AC Sources

EAQ500 Rack

The electronic AC sources of the series EAQ have been developed for the simulation and analysis of one-phase line voltage. In standard sine wave voltage as well as DC voltage and DC voltage with superposed AC-voltage can be produced. Because of this extensive function outfit, these models can produce all possible technical networks.  

They fit very well for supplying and testing power supplies, transformers, motors, lamps, heaters, domestic appliances etc., just to name a few. For the measurement of the effective voltage, the frequency, the effective current, the peak current as well as for the power, there are 4 digit displays. The manual operation is performed through a potentiometer. DC voltage, AC voltage, frequency and current can be regulated. 
Our motor-driven AC sources series EAQ-MT are used in all places where a high performance is required and they offer a markedly cost-effective solution for such high-performance applications.
As with all device families of ET Instrumente GmbH, the AC sources are either built as laboratory units or as 19 inch versions. All sources are available with the interface USB, RS 232 and Ethernet.

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