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Electronic Loads ESL

Voltages 1-500VDC
  Current 0-3000A Power 500W up to 200kW

 ESL 19Zoll 2018 LQ

The Electonic Load for Laboratory and System Applications

• R- and C-constant !
• DC Voltage up to 500 Vdc
• DC Currents up to 1000 A
• Powers up to 200 kW
• Pre-setting functions
• Up to 500 W also deliverable as 3U/42TE Euro cassette
• Option USB, RS 232, Ethernet or Analogue Interface

The electronic load ESL is one of the most modern version of the outdated sliding resistor. The modes of operation current- and resistance constant guarantee continuously and electronically controlled load of an output on a supply mains, an electric circuit, a battery etc.. The LCD display shows all set and measure values.
Optionally the programming and measuring may follow via the USB, RS232, IEEE488 or analogue interface.

Params 64 Unit Types Electronic Loads ESL

Short specification ESL

Short specification Options ESL

Note 64 Unit Description Electronic Load ESL

LCD display :
The electronic load ESL has a big LCD display. Set values and measure values are indicated at the same time.

Adjustments :
The settings of current A can be reached through a potentiometer.

Operating Mode :
The load operates in the constant-resistance as well as in the constant-current mode. With the Option -VP constant voltage and constant power mode is available

Interfaces  :
USB Interface is Standard, As an option the interfaces RS 232, Ethernet and the analogue interface are available.  All settings and measurements can be carried out with the interfaces. The resolution for programming and measuring is 12 bit.

Power Outlet :
The output of the load is always on the backside of the unit and is carried out as screw terminal up to 300A and > 300A as an sopper rail . As an option there is an additional output on the front panel carried out as a safety pole terminal.  The measurement of the output voltage (Sense) is at separate outputs on the back of the unit.

Maximum Current :
The maximum adjustable current emerges from the order table. If a lower maximum current is needed due to a better resolution, this can simply be chosen with the option  -C i.e. ESL-100-C5 -Now the load has got a maximum current of 5 Ampere with the option -C5 instead of a maximum current of 20 Ampere.

Higher Voltage : 
With the option V100 up to V500 the input voltage of the load can be increased.  Attention has to be paid to the fact that through increasing the voltage, the maximum current is reduced (for current reduction see option table). ESL-1000-V250 for  example has now got an input voltage of 1...250 Vdc and a current of 0...25 A. The power of 1000 W remains.

Undervoltage cutoff :
By default, the load is switched off at <1Vdc. With the optional adjustable undervoltage cutoff EUAB can set the switch - off threshold of the Load from 1Vdc to 90% of the maximum voltage.

Dynamic Mode:
With the DYN option you can clock between 2 set values in CC mode. The square wave signal can be set in the pulse pause ratio. The maximum frequency is 100Hz.

2. Current measuring range:
With option C2M there is a second current measuring range with the full resolution available. The maximum value of the 2nd current measuring range corresponds 10% of the total current range of the electronic load.

2. Voltage measuring range:
With option V2M there is a second voltage measuring range with the full resolution available. The maximum value of the 2nd voltage measuring range corresponds 10% of the total voltage range of the electronic load.

Switching OFF :
The load has got protective device and switching-offs for all possible errors. In case of overpower, overcurrent or overtemperature the load switches off. The error is indicated through the LCD display. With the Stand By key the load can be switched on again.