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Electronic Loads Serial ESL 

The electronic loads of the series of ESL and ESL-Solar fulfill all usual requirements in the laboratory and industrial range.

ESL 19Zoll 2018 LQ    

AC Sources Serial EAQ

The electronic AC sources of the series EAQ have been developed for the simulation and analysis of one- or three-phase line voltage. In standard sine wave voltage as well as DC voltage and DC voltage with superposed AC-voltage can be produced.
EAQ 2018

Safety Test units Serial EST 

By production of electric units, machinery and systems it is necessary to safety test these products. This range of the quality assurance gives because of the regulations VDE, UL, IEC, CSE, CE, SEMKO, SEV, ÖVE etc. and because of the product liability law always more of sense.


Safety Test Hoods Serial HPH

The test hoods HPH are ideal for the high-voltage test up to 10 KV. The case is manufactured of highly-insulating, grey synthetic material, which is welded all round. Closing of the light-weight, hinged, acrylic-glass hood is monitored via a safety switch.

                                                                   Prüfhaube HPH1  Prüfhaube HPH3Prüfhaube HPH4

Test Systems Serial EE and EBI

Due to the modular design of their hard and software, our test systems can be configured in such a variety of ways, that customer-specific applications and problem solutions can, largely, be put together using the existing standard components.

                                                                               DBK MontageundPrüfzellen    Funktionstestsystem DBK





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