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Electronic Load ESL-Solar

Electronic Load for Test and characteristic of crystalline and thin film
Solar modules  and Cells

ESL Solar 1 2 19Zoll 2018 LQ

• V-, R- and I-constant, MPP Track, MPP Scan, UOC, ISC, Pmpp, Umpp, Impp

• Standard 0..100VDC /0...10ADC / 500W
• Table and system devices available
• USB and RS 232 Interface Optional Ethernet
• Software include

The electronic load ESL-Solar 500 was developed particularly for the test of crystalline and thin film solar modules and solar cells. All necessary load tests of the solar modules can be accomplished with the ESL-Solar 500. The load has constant current, resistance and voltage as well as the mode MPP (Maximum Power Point) tracking and MPP scaning. All functions are shown over the clear multi-function display or over in series existing interfaces USB and RS232. The interface IEEE 488 is optionally available.

E Solar Grafik

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