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High Voltage Test Unit EST-HV60DC


For the production test   Test power 60W  Isolated output 


DC High Voltage Test Unit

• Test voltage  0 - 6000 Vdc
• Ramp up and down function
• PASS / FAIL indicator, optically and acustically
• Automatic and manuel operation
• Adjustable test time
• Safety circuit input
• External start input
• Optional RS 232-, Ethernet, Analogue- or USB-Interface

With the high voltage test unit EST-HVDC the dielectric strength tests on units, systems, packages, components and insulation material of all kinds can be practicabled. The operational area is in the manufacturing, the incomming inspection and the service. The high voltage test unit EST-HV60DC gives a isolated adjustable test voltage of 0 - 6000 Vdc.

Params 64 Unit Type High Voltage Test Unit EST-HV60DC

Short specification EST HV60DC

Short specification Options EST HV60DC