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1 and 3-Phase AC Sources EAQ-MT

Motordriven AC sources


EAQ MT 2708

The economical solution at high power

• CV Mode
• AC Voltage 0...270 Vrms (500 V)
• Performances up to 100000 VA !
• Fast Response Times typ. 100V/Sek.
• Adjustable Overcurrent Switching-off
• USB, RS 232, Analogue and Ethernet Interface (Option)
• Measurements Vrms V, Crms A
• Switching-on and off via relay (Option)- Konstant

The AC sources of the series EAQ-MT have been developed for the simulation and analysis of one or three phase line voltage particularly for high power. The output voltage is infinitely variable between 1 and 100% of the nominal voltage and is being kept constant with a deviation of < 1%. The preset reference input can be reached with the potentiometer as well as via the optional interfaces. In 3 phase units the regulation is controlled by phase L1. The structure of the AC source EAQ-MT consists of a regulated ring transformer with isolation. The regulated ring transformer is operated through a DC motor. The set voltage is being kept constant at deviations of the line input voltage as well as at load variations at the output.

Params 64 Unit Types AC Sources EAQ-MT

 Short specification EAQ MT
Short specification Options EAQ MT

Note 64 Unit Description AC Source EAQ-MT

Analogue Indication :
The AC source EAQ-MT has got two and the three phases source six analogue instruments for the indication of voltage and current in each phase. Optionally the source can be equipped with digital indications.

Adjustments :
The adjustments of the voltage Vac will follow through a 10-turn potentiometer.

Fuse Protection :
The source has got an input and output safety fuse. Optionally the source may be equipped with an automatic circuit breaker at the output. A manual adjustable overcurrent switching-off is also available. The switching-off can be reached through a power relay.

Analogue Interface :
The optionally available analogue interface enables the user the programming and the reading of data via a 0...5 Vdc signal. Changing and checking modes are possible via digital TTL signals.

Interface :
Optionally the AC voltage source EAQ-MT may be equipped with the interfaces Ethernet and/or USB,Ethernet and/or RS 232. All adjustments and measurements may be carried out with the interfaces. The resolution of the programming when setting and measuring is 12 bit.

Power outputs :
The output of the source is always on the backside of the unit. It is carried out as screw terminal. The types without option -AF have got an additional output on the front panel. Depending on the type and performance, the output is carried out as plug outlet contact or CEKON connector.