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Function Test Systems Series EE

Siemens Amberg Rundschalttisch

Due to the modular design of their hard and software, our test systems can be configured in such a variety of ways, that customer-specific applications and problem solutions can, largely, be put together using the existing standard components. The possibility of using already existing components fulfils the optimum prerequisite for a low-cost, customer-specific test system.Thanks to the already created interfaces, it is easy to integrate any special modules required into the standard elements. Years of experience in the field of special test pieces allows a large number of already existing modules to be used and, thus, the uncomplicated and quick assembly of the necessary elements. A wide variety of hardware components is already available and, due to our own development capacities, any supplementary applications needed can be quickly added. The type of the product to be tested, as well as the desired degree of automation, define the actual basic prerequisites for the overall concept. Our experienced Applications Engineers competently and quickly develop the problem solution together with the customer and professionally put together the necessary sub-segments, so that, due to the clear structures, the overall solution is immediately recognisable. The customer-specific test systems, already developed and produced by us have been in use throughout the world for many years and are evidence of our enormous empirical potential and know-how, from which our customers can benefit every day.