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The electronic loads of the series of ESL and ESL-Solar fulfill all usual requirements in the laboratory and industrial range. The types of regulation constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) constant resistance (CR) as well as MPP TRACK, MPP Scan, UOC, ISC, Pmpp, Umpp, Impp are available and/or optionally possible depending upon series. 
Our electronic loads cover a wide range from voltage, current and power. The loads are suitable both in 19" Systems as also as table and/or laboratory instrument. The electronic loads are available with the interfaces USB, RS232, Ethernat and the analog interface. A large clear LCD display indicates among other things current, voltage and power at the same time. The electronic loads find use in many applications, e.g. power supplies, batteries, relay, switch, welding units, photo voltatic modules, solar cells etc.

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